Coach: Tommy Gilleran

Gut Play as Key Breaker


Everyone thinks all you have to do is read Guards to stop the Wing-T. Well, here is a little secret.

Wing T coaches LOVE it when you read our Guards....and this course shows you why.

1. Introduction
2. What's in this Course?
3. 34 Gut vs Odd Front
4. 34 Gut vs Even Front
5. 36 Gut vs Even Front
6. 36 Gut vs Odd Front
7. Game Film: 36 Gut
8. Game Film: 34 Gut
9. Game Film: Shift 36 Gut
10. Game Film: Unbalanced Set with RIP 36 Gut
11. Game Film: Against a Double 3s
12. Game Film: Speed Sweep with Gut
13. Game Film: Unbalanced Set with Split
14. State Finals Game Film: Against an Odd Front Team
15. Game Film: Gut Against an Odd Front
16. Game Film: Against an Even Front
17. Game Film: Messing the Defense with RIP
18. Game Film: Running to the Gut to the Shift
19. Game Film: 3-Technique and Gut tot the Strong Side
20. Q & A: Would you run Gut against a Bear Front?
21. Do certain things as a Coach to make your players better
22. Q & A: Trap or Mid Line?
23. Whatever They Give You Take it
24. Different Belly Plays
25. Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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