Get the Ball to Your Guy – Thad Fortune

Coach: Thad Fortune

Get the Ball to Your Guy – Thad Fortune


Clinic Triple Option Clinic
Coach Thad Fortune

Odessa-Permian (yes..the Friday Night Lights/Boobie Miles school)



Reverse Pass
Reverse off Veer
Counters off the Reverse

Double Passes

Toss, Rocket Toss

Use Your Best Player as a Pitch Man


Quik Screen
Tunnel Screen

1. Who is Thad Fortune
2. Whats in this Course
3. Different Types of Reverses
4. WR Reverse Off Midline Fake
5. WR Reverse Off G-Line Fake
6. QnA: Can You Pitch it to the Slot?
7. Reverse Pass
8. Counter Reverses
9. Veer Reverse
10. Counter Reverse vs Odd Front
11. Veer Reverse Out of 2x2
12. Veer Reverse vs 50 Front
13. Reverses to Different Players
14. Veer Reverse From Trips
15. Veer Reverse Pass
16. Double Pass
17. Qwick Screen From Trips
18. Trips Qwik Screen Opposite Direction
19. Tunnel Screen
20. Tunnel Screen Opposite Trips
21. Games vs 4-2-5 Defense
22. More Game Film Tunnel Screen
23. Tunnel Screen to Motion Man
24. Play Action off Tunnel Screen
25. Passes to Best Player
26. PR-Snap RPO Off Veer
27. Play Action Vertical
28. Best Athlete As Pitch Man
29. Different Toss Plays To Best Player
30. Easier Way to Run Rocket Toss
31. Toss Pass

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