Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Game Planning & Creating Scripts


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

4-time state champion & 12-year college coaching veteran Jason McManus shows you how he gameplans, how he does cutups, how he self scouts, and how he scripts practice.
Coach hates wasting time on weekends.

--> Identify what scout films will do you good. --> What is their defensive philosophy. --> What is their bread & butter personnel, front, coverage? He goes thru his script, his drive starters, and what his 3rd down calls are. --> Field Zones. --> Situations. --> 4-min Offense. "

2. Game Planning Ideas
3. Matchups, Cutups, Self Scout, Build a Game Plan
4. Scripts, 3rd Down, Field Zones, & 4-min Offense
5. Weekly Cutup List
6. Creating Your HUDL Columns
7. Self Scout in HUDL
8. Practice Scripts
9. 7on7 Practice Script
10. Trips Practice Script
11. Wed or Thur Practice
12. Wednesday Team Period - all red zone
13. Organize Your GamePlan
14. Situations on Call Sheet
15. Review of all scripts
16. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

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