Coach: Jeff Steinberg

Spread & Shred: Formation, Alignment and Motion


Coach: Jeff Steinberg

Formations and Motions are the key to Steinberg's system. He only runs a few plays - he calls it not being very "horizontal" But thru use of formations and motions, Steinberg makes one play look like many plays. Steinberg calls this being very "vertical"

1. Spread and Shred System
2. Types of Formations
3. Formations 2x2
4. Empty
5. Trips
6. Receiver Split Rules
7. Splits: Middle of the Field
8. Splits: On the Hash
9. Introduction: Alignment
10. Alignments
11. X & Z Alignments with Whiteboard
12. Whiteboard: Y Alignments
13. Motion
14. TB Alignment with Whiteboard
15. Motion: Examples
16. Motions: On the Whiteboard
17. Why This Course is the Most Important

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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