Over my 37 years of coaching, I’ve grown a reputation for running crazy and wild plays! This clinic will give you multiple Trick Plays and Exotic Formations to add to any offensive scheme!

1. Whats Inside the Playbook?
2. Why is it called Exotic?
3. Formational Trick Plays
4. More Diamond Routes
5. Introduction
6. Stack and Ninja
7. BYU
8. Why it's called Stupid?
9. Teams that Overshifts
10. Fixing the Overshifts
11. Game Film: Stupid Sweep
12. Swinging Gate
13. Game Film: Swinging Gate
14. Trick Plays
15. QB Wheel and QB Throwback
16. Game Film: QB Throwback
17. Game Film: BYU and Diamond
18. Leap Frog with Game Film
19. Reverse and Reverse Pass
20. Hook Snag and Jailbreak Ladders
21. Circus and Left Guard Screen with Special
22. Game Film: Left Guard Special
23. Q & A: Do you need to tell the Ref?
24. Right Tackle Corner
25. Flea Flicker
26. Fat Man Plays
27. Statue of Liberty
28. Fumble Risky
29. Center Sneak
30. An Influential Coach
31. Q & A: Tricks Against Picky Refs

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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