Coach: Ben Martin/Michael Donnelly

Everyday Defensive Back Drills – Michael Donnelly


College coach Donnelly shows ton of practice footage of his favorite defensive back drills.

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What is in this Course?

Michael Donnelly is a DB coach at Muskingum University in Ohio, a Division 3 school. Drills are going to be an everyday sort of press or man-to-man technique drills. 

The following will always be included in the EDDs:

  • Footworks
  • Tackle
  • Block destruction
  • Man-on-man press
  • On & Off techniques
  • Scheme work. 

We will talk about some Press techniques, different coverages, and some different man-to-man drills. And at the end, we'll get into a few different variations that we've used to change up our man rules. 

Hope you take away at least one thing away whether it be a drill or a coaching point.

1. What's In This Course
2. Who is Coach Donnely
3. Introduction to Press Techniques
4. Stance
5. Jam Press
6. Jam Press Jab Step
7. Practice Video of Jab
8. Jam Press Slide Step to Disguise
9. Practice Video Slide Step
10. Jam Press Choke Tech
11. Practice Video of Choke
12. Shadow Press Inch Tech
13. Practice Video Inch Step
14. Video Zig Zag Drill
15. Practice Video Inch Drill
16. Game Film Jet Stream vs Rub
17. Shadow Press Double Hop
18. Practice Video Double Hop
19. Hip Drop
20. Towel Drill
21. Mirror Drill
22. Man to Man V Bags
23. Man to Man Leverage Drill
24. Press Pads
25. Two Man Stack
26. Contact Info

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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