Coach: Jim McKee

Effective Play-Action Passing from the Wing-T - Jim McKee


1. Introduction
2. Coach Bill McKee What is your mission?
3. How we structure our Play Action Passes
4. Game Film: L Rip TT TE Hook Up
5. Game Film: Jet Left Wheel
6. Game Film: Fake Belly Sweep
7. Game Film: TE Hook Post
8. Game Film: Sweep Seam
9. Game Film: Flood Pass
10. Game Film: L Rip TT TE Hook Post
11. Game Film: Double Seam
12. Game Film: Slot Right
13. Game Film: Sweep Switch
14. Game Film: Jet Left Solid Boot Wheel
15. Breaking Down 2 Play Action Passes
16. Q&A - Are you guys under center?

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