Coach: Adam Mathieson

Wing-T: Screen Game (Easy to teach Screen Concepts)


Multiple Formation, Gap Blocking, Quick Passing, PAP / Screen team that uses multiple Tempos

Coach Mathieson shows how he runs WR QUICK Screen off of the Buck Sweep and Power run plays!

Then he shows his MIDDLE SCREEN, or Tunnel Screen, INCLUDING how to make it a dual read play!

Coach Mathieson also breaks down his "fox" double move options off of the hot screens, as he details the all the assignments for the OL, WR's and QB.

Coach Mathieson also talks about how he double reads his “shovel pass," which is a dual read play combining a hot screen and traditional counter criss cross blocking.Coach Mathieson's simple terminology allows you to run this out of many different formations (1 or 2 back, 2x2, Trips, Tight End sets, or Empty)

He wraps it up with his HB DIRECTIONAL SCREEN, INCLUDING how to make it a dual read play as well!

1. Overview
2. Diagram Hot or Now Screen
3. Game Film - TE/Wing Twins Set
4. Game Film - Adding RB as lead blocker
5. Game Film - Trips Set
6. Game Film - Double Move Fade
7. Diagram Hot Screen to #2
8. Game Film - hot Screen to #2
9. Game Film - In the Boundary
10. Game Film - Uncovered WR
11. Game Film - Hot Screen to #2 out of Trips
12. Game Film - Special TAG
13. Game Film - Empty Set
14. Game Film - Fox TAG
15. Diagram Swing Screen
16. Shovel Pass Explained
17. Game Film - Shovel from TE/Wing Twins Set
18. Game Film - Shovel Screen out of Trips
19. Quick Screen Explained
20. Game Film - Quick Screen to Single WR Side
21. Game Film - Quick Screen Correct Splits
22. Game Film - Quick Screen to Slot WR
23. Game Film - Quick Screen to Slot WR
24. Middle Screen Explained
25. Game Film - Tunnel Screen to Slot WR
26. Game Film - Middle Screen with Stick Concept on Opposite Side
27. Game Film - Timing of Reading Stick First then Come Back to Tunnel Screen
28. Game Film - More Middle Screens
29. Directional Screen Explained
30. Game Film - Directional Screen
31. Game Film - Directional Screen to Trips Side
W&T Clinic (Mathieson) Easy to Teach Screen Concepts Lesson - Contact Coach Adam Mathieson

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