Coach: Jason Starin

Easily adding the Midline to your Wing T Package


Midline is considered one of the easiest meshes in our offense. It's the least expensive "read" play a Wing T guy can add to their arsenal. Learn from this 2018 & 2019 Region IV Class 5a Div. 1 Champs/State Semi-Finalist 2018 Dave Campbell’s Asst. Coach of the Year

1. Introduction
2. Coaching History
3. Why we go to the Flexbone?
4. 2020 vs 2019 Totals
5. 2019 vs 2018 Totals
6. Midline Play Art and Midline Rules
7. Midline Rules QB and Playside Slot
8. Midline Rules: FB Backside Slot and some TE
9. Midline Rules: PSG
10. QB: FB Deals
11. More Notes for QB
12. More Notes for the FB and Mes
13. Slots
14. Midline Skills you need and Base Block
15. More Base Blocks
16. Veer
17. More Veer Techniques
18. Scramble - Chase
19. Cage and Circus
20. Practice and Drill Film
21. Drill Film: 3rd String Fullback and 8 Man Front
22. Drill Film: Why we Practice
23. Drill Film: Odd Front
24. Drill Film: Double Eagle
25. Drill Film: Old School Flip
26. Game Film: 10 or 11 Even
27. Game Film: 10 vs Even
28. Game Film: 11 vs Even
29. Game Film: 11 vs Even a 70 Yard Game
30. Q & A: What do you tell the Backside Tackle?
31. Game Film: 11 vs Odd
32. Game Film: 10 Midline to the Right vs Odd
33. Game Film: Midline Out of Trips 10 vs Odd
34. Q & A: Hows Midline Play Affected by 50 Front Alignment
35. Conclusion

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