Coach: Rishard Davis

DW: Duo and Slice from Gun Double Wing


Arizona State Champion Rishard Davis runs the SHOTGUN DOUBLE WING

This talk he shows how he adapted the Duo and Slice plays to fit into his existing double wing scheme.

1. Introduction
2. God's Play
3. Over the Years
4. Nomenclature
5. Power Duo
6. Why Buy In
7. Game Film DUO from Shotgun DW
8. Game Film DUO Examine Linemen
9. Game Film Direct Snap Wildcat
10. Game Film Duo vs 4A State Champ
11. Game Film Duo vs inside shade D-End
12. Game Film Duo No Pullers
13. Game Film Duo vs 8 man on the Line
14. Game Film Duo vs hard Scrapers
15. Double Wing Slice Play
16. Game Film Slice
17. Game Film More Slice
18. Conclusion

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