Coach: Ben Martin

Disguises Blitzes in MAV43 Defense


This was a webinar by MAV43D creator Ben Martin.

Over an hour of gamefilm…

He shows how they disguise where the blitz is coming from

he also goes thru his coverages behind his blitz package.

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1. Who is Coach Martin
2. Giving Back to the Game
3. What is a Disguise Package
4. Philosophy & Reasoning
5. Playing off Base Calls
6. Disguising Efficiently
7. Cover 0 and Zone
8. Blitzing vs Quads
9. Corner Over on Trips
10. Defend Empty
11. Cover 0 vs Wing Set
12. Pressure vs 2x1 Sniffer
13. Scrambling Quarterbacks
14. CB play man on QB roll out
15. CB roll up vs roll out
16. Blitzing vs Motion
17. Call Off Blitz With Motion
18. Cover 0 Double B gap blitz
19. Cover 0 A & B gap blitz
20. Six Man Blitz
21. Blitz vs Triple Stack
22. Double Edge Cover 0
23. Double Edge Cover 2
24. Double Edge Cover 3
25. Overloads
26. Show Weak Blitz Strong
27. Bluff Guys still read run or pass
28. Read Run Pass While Bluffing
29. Is DL Slant built into call
30. Contact Information

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