Coach: Brad Dixon

Defending the Wing T - Brad Dixon


1. Introduction
2. 3-3 Defense
3. Various Fronts
4. Various DL Alignments
5. Various DL Stunts
6. Various LB Alignments
7. Various LB Blitzes
8. Our Blitz Philosophy
9. Various Coverages
10. Edge Runs
11. Game Film: Rocket
12. Game Film: Jet
13. Wing-T Runs
14. Game Film: Power
15. Game Film: Buck
16. Game Film: Trap
17. Game Film: Counter
18. Full House Runs with Game Film
19. Why Spin rather than Club Rip disengage crossface?
20. Do you have buzzwords coaching cues for your run Fits?
21. In Double Wing, do you slant towards the motion?
22. Are all the linebackers read the guards?
23. Do you see Tim Murphy's type in Single Wing?
24. Other Blitzes we could do

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