Coach: Ken Krause

Creating the Wing T Linemen


Coach Hetzel and Coach Smith the Offensive Line Coaches for the Muskego Warriors will present drills on how to develop a Wing T Lineman.

Muskego has won the past 37 straight games and 3 state championships. Muskego has averaged over 35 points per game the past the 11 years. It starts with the OLINE!

1. Introduction
2. Philosophy, Mentality & Expectatios pt.1
3. Philosophy, Mentality & Expectatios pt.2
4. Philosophy, Mentality & Expectatios pt.3
5. Know Your Enemy
6. Technique pt.1
7. Technique pt.2
8. Matrix Drill
9. Drills - TD Block
10. Game Film - TD Block
11. Drills - Half Line Belly
12. Drills - Sweep Drill
13. Drills - Tap Drill
14. Chutes
15. Sleds
16. Final Thoughts
17. Q&A - Do you have a period of steps everyday?
18. Q&A - Are your running weak side Belly, do you handle that any different?

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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