Coach: Adam Mathieson

Stick and Snag Passing Concepts


Using the R4 Progression system, Coach Mathieson takes you thru in great detail covering Spacer, Snag, Sneak, Hookup

1. Who is coach Mathieson
2. What's in this course
3. Positions & Alignments
4. Pass Protections
5. Spacer Quarterback Footwork
6. Spacer Routes
7. Spacer TE Wing Backside Routes
8. Spacer QB Read Progression
9. Spacer Go Route
10. GAME FILM Spacer vs 1-high safety
11. GAME FILM Spacer vs 2-high safety
12. GAME FILM Spacer RB Swing
13. GAME FILM Spacer Wheel Route
14. Sneak QB Read Progression
15. Sneak Tweaking the Formations
16. Sneak TAG Routes
17. GAME FILM Sneak RB Swing
18. GAME FILM Sneak route to slot WR
19. GAME FILM Sneak Corner Route
20. Hookup Stick concept to TE Wing
21. Hookup Adding a Read Route
22. GAME FILM Hookup to Tight End
23. GAME FILM Hookup to the Flats
24. GAME FILM Hookup Variations
25. QB Pre Snap Read Progression on Quick Game
26. QB Read Progression in Trips
27. GAME FILM QB Pre-Snap Reads
28. Wrap up

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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