Coach: Blair Hubbard

Slot Counter Away from Rocket Motion


Faster than the Fly: Slot Counter

Misdirection is a big part of the Faster than the Fly offensive system.

Slot Counter is run when defenses start over-pursuing the Rocket Sweep. This is extremely effective when defenses play Cover-1 and Cover-0 trying to run a defender with rocket motion.

It is also good against teams the stem linebackers or try to rotate safeties to the rocket motion side. Defenses have to do something to stop rocket sweep and when they start adjusting to the motion it's time to hit them with Slot Counter using a guard/tackle blocking scheme.

1. Who is Blair Hubbard
2. Counter Intro
3. Play Call Explained
4. Line Rules vs Even
5. Guard Kick Techniques
6. Tackle Wrap Techniques
7. Skill Assignments
8. Counter vs Odd
9. Plus-1 Blocking
10. Counter Flip
11. Counter Chop with Boot Pass
12. Recap & Next Steps
13. Summary of What We Learned

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