Coach: Blair Hubbard

Running Trap Out of Shotgun


Faster than the Fly: Trap Scheme -FREE COURSE!

Faster than the Fly utilizes two inside trap schemes, one with the motion (Trap) and one away from the motion with misdirection (Gut).

In this course the flow-side Trap is diagrammed with plenty of film to see that you can run inside trap effectively from gun with the help of motion to slow down the linebackers.

When you see inside LBs leaning to the rocket motion you can start to attack with the Trap very effectively.

1. Who Is Blair Hubbard
2. Trap Introduction
3. Review of the Basics
4. Explanation of Play Calls
5. Linemen Rules vs Even using Game Film
6. Assignments for Backs & Receivers
7. Trap vs Odd with Game Film
8. Tom Motion Trap and Quarterback Trap
9. Slot Motion Trap
10. Spread Trap Game Film
11. First Sound Trap
12. QB Trap
13. Recap and Next Steps in the System
14. Summary of What We Learned

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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