Coach: Rick Stewart

Leadership Training



Learn the actual curriculum

Took an 0-24 and 0-27 programs to playoffs in California

Won the first playoff game in 110-years at a 3rd school...playing for back-2-back section titles

Took the blueprint to Pennslyvania and has a 22-3 record

The BIGGEST thing you will learn in this course is: HOW TO FIND TIME TO TEACH LEADERSHIP in a high school environment

What are the biggest challenges & assumptions Coaches make?

Learn the Do's & Don'ts when teaching Leadership to your players


Stewart starts by showing you HOW TO RUN YOUR SATURDAY WORKSHOP

Then he shows you the ACTUAL LESSON PLANS for the Spring Leadership classes he does twice per month

Finally, and most importantly, how he teaches his COACHES proper Leadership

How many of your coaches have ever actually been TAUGHT HOW TO LEAD?
Last 3 PowerPoint slides give you 24 resources to use if you decide to create your own curriculm.....

But This Would Be a Mistake! Stewart gives you an ENTIRE YEARS worth of curriculm

1. The WORST TO FIRST Blueprint to Build a Championship Program
2. What's In This Course
3. Who is Rick Stewart
4. Become Part of Your Coaching Staff
5. Challenges to Teaching Leadership
6. What You Must Do
7. The Commitment Continuum
8. Do's & Don'ts
9. Anyone Can Be a Leader
10. Myths Who Can Lead
11. Voices in Your Players Heads
12. Finding Time to Teach Leadership
13. My Annual Calendar
14. Overall Goals
15. Sources for Curriculum
16. Leadership Pathways
17. Saturday Captain Clinic
18. Lesson 1 - Five Levels of Leadership
19. Lesson 1 Lead Yourself The Risks of Leadership
20. Lesson 2 Two Kinds of Leaders
21. Lesson 3 Legacy Leadership
22. Lesson 4 Cultural Pyramid
23. Lesson 5 Servant Leadership
24. Lesson 6 Sample Questions
25. Monday Lessons
26. What We Can Learn from Geese
27. Goal Setting
28. Lesson Plans First 4 Weeks
29. Lesson Plans Last 4 Weeks
30. How Many Lessons in One Year
31. Chances to Lead
32. Unavoidable Truths for Coaches
33. Four Roles for Coaches
34. Free Resources

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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