Coach: Adam Mathieson

Weakside Run Game


This Course covers the basic components of the weakside run game, including traditional BELLY, COUNTER TREY and SPEED OPTION plays

Belly blocking patterns do not change regardless of being under center or in the Gun
Shotgun Belly has the QB running the ball to a Twins or Trips side, which removes the OLB
There is still the Pre-Snap Screen read out of Gun


This is a "sister" play with Belly as it works to attack the weak side alley. Coach shows how to put players in conflict by running both Speed & Belly at the weakside D-End.

Ran out of Shotgun.
Love it vs odd fronts.
TE Trips with Split End on opposite side
TE/Wing with Twins on opposite side

GT Counter Trey has 4 reads

pre snap: Throw the screen
Post Snap: Hand it off to the counter
Post Snap: Read the D-End & QB keeps the ball
Post Snap: Read the D-End for pull & QB potentially pitches off force player
This is Course 4 of the 15-course LEFT COAST SHOTGUN WING-T System

1. Whats In this course
2. Evolution of traditional Belly
3. Belly Weakside Iso
4. Belly Blocking
5. QB Belly in Shotgun
6. GAME FILM Base Blocking
7. GAME FILM Out Out Blocking
8. GAME FILM Screen off Belly
9. Speed Option
10. GAME FILM Speed Option
11. GAME FILM Speed Opt v Even Front
12. GAME FILM Speed Opt v 40 Front
13. GAME FILM Speed Opt v shaded NG
14. GAME FILM Speed Opt Pitch the ball
15. Counter Tre out of Gun Spread
16. GAME FILM Counter Arc Scheme
17. GAME FILM Counter Tre v Even
18. Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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