Course 3: Running RPOs off of Power and Counter Crisis Cross


Can you run various RPOs off of POWER and COUNTER?


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    This includes traditional Wing-T Counter with FB kickout and backside Guard pulling & wrapping up off-tackle

    Also includes POWER READ out of Shotgun where the QB reads the End instead of a FB kicking him out

    RPO to Multi-WR and Single WR sides

    Pre-Snap reads to decide whether to throw it or run POWER or COUNTER.

    Covered / Uncovered
    Clean or Dirty Alley
    Free, Limited, or Zero Access
    Coach Mathieson goes into great detail of the blocking patterns and the many, many formations that he runs

    POWER, which has FB and backside G as lead blockers if under center
    POWER READ if the QB is in Shotgun
    COUNTER, including the double handoff – “criss-cross”

    This is Course 3 of the 15-course LEFT COAST SHOTGUN WING-T System