Coach: Adam Mathieson

Running RPOs off of Buck Sweep and Guard Trap


Can you run various RPOs off of the BUCK SWEEP, GUARD TRAP, or POWER?


RPO to Mult-WR and Single WR sides

Pre-Snap reads to decide whether to throw it or run BUCK SWEEP / GUARD TRAP

Covered / Uncovered
Clean or Dirty Alley
Free, Limited, or Zero Access
Coach Mathieson goes into great detail of the blocking patterns and the many, many formations that he runs

BUCK SWEEP, which he calls "Double Trap"
This is Course 2 of the 15-course LEFT COAST SPREAD / WING-T System

2. What's In this Course
3. Different Types of RPOs
4. Buck Sweep w/Built In Screen Options
5. How the QB Reads Uncovered & Covered Receivers
6. How QB Reads Single WR Side: Clean or Dirty
7. Entire Point of the LEFT COAST SPREAD WING-T
8. Under Center Guard Trap
9. Under Center QB Footwork
10. GAME FILM: Guard Trap Under Center
11. Shotgun Guard Trap w/Pre-Snap Pass & Run Reads
12. GAME FILM: QB Pre-Snap Reads for Loose Corners & Clean Alleys
13. Shotgun Guard Trap with Smoke Screen
14. GAME FILM: Guard Trap out of Shotgun
15. Guard Trap out of Trips Formations
16. GAME FILM: Quarterback Traps out of Empty
17. Buck Sweep Under Center
18. GAME FILM: Buck Sweep Under Center
19. Buck Sweep out of Shotgun with Pre-Snap Screen & QB Run Reads
20. GAME FILM Shotgun Buck RPO
21. GAME FILM Reading a pressed corner out of the Buck RPO
22. GAME FILM Buck RPO Reading the D-End
23. Reading B-gap defender for QB keep
24. GAME FILM: Reading the Defensive End for QB Keep
25. GAME FILM: Pulling the Center on Buck Sweep vs 1-tech
26. GAME FILM: Shotgun Buck Sweep w/built-in Screen Passes. Reading Loose CB and Clean Alleys
27. WHITE BOARD: Buck Sweep out of Empty
28. GAME FILM: Buck Sweep out of Empty Sets
29. Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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