Coach: Rick Stewart

Course 14 : Getting Admin and Faculty Board


Coach: Rick Stewart

Find out why it is important to ask to meet with principal & AD in December

What do you say? What do you ask for?

You may talk to your AD every week, but it is imperative that you schedule formal meetings in Jan, May, & Aug.

How is your relationship with Cheerleaders and Band?

Find proven ideas to win over the teachers and get them to support the program

Aug faculty meeting
Get teachers to feed you on Thursday night

1. What's in this course
2. When I meet with Principal & AD
3. Agenda of December Meeting with Principal
4. Agenda of December Meet with AD
5. Financial Meeting with AD in January
6. May Meeting with AD
7. Cheerleading & Band Meetings
8. August Faculty Meeting
9. Adopt A Teacher Program
10. Teacher of the Week
11. Letters to Teachers
12. Teacher Partnership
13. Involvement in Team Dinners
14. Winning Over the Teachers

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Course 14 : Getting Admin and Faculty Board

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