Coach: Blair Hubbard

Gut Misdirection: Mirrored with Rocket


Faster Than  The Fly: Gut Misdirection (Mirrored with Rocket)

1. Who is Blair Hubbard
2. Gut Intro: Gut vs Trap
3. Basics Review
4. Play Call Explained
5. Gut Line Rules vs Even Front
6. Skill Assignments
7. Gut/Rocket Mirrored: 2 Place in 1
8. Gut vs Odd Front
9. Film: Gut 1.0 Early Years
10. Film: Gut 2.0 Slot Influence
11. Film: Gut 3.0 Tackle Influence
12. Quarterback Gut Film
13. Film: Tackle Gut
14. Film: Mirrored Effect & Games
15. Summary of What We Learned

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