Coach: Rick Stewart

Course 10: Strength and Conditioning


Coach: Rick Stewart


No Equipment?
Sharing Athletes?
Working Around High School Bell Schedule?

Coach Stewart has turned around 4 losing programs and taken them to playoffs. The common element to every turnaround was his Year-Round Strength & Conditioning Program.

At McFarland all workouts were outside because of no weight room

At Corcoran, they converted a shower into a workout area using weights donated by a prison

At Porterville he started with 2 racks, 2 benches, and 3 kids....five years later they had 12 racks and 92 kids

In Pennsylvania, kids travel great distances to come to school and there is no weight training classes during school. Plus Stewart LIVES in California.

See how he met all these challenges head on in this course.

1. Whats in this course
2. Who is Rick Stewart
3. Confused Where Do You Start
4. Challenges of High School Weight Training
5. What All Athletes Should Have
6. Expectations of Coaches
7. Anaerobic to Aerobic
8. ATP and Energy Systems
9. Maximize Your Time
10. Two Ways to Layout Your Weight Room
11. How To Rotate So Nobody is Standing Around
12. Video of Rotations
13. Lifting Before School
14. Why Lifting Before School is Best Way
15. Solutions if You Have No Equipment
16. How To Control Injury
17. How To Control Fatigue
18. Importance of Flexibility and Stretching
19. Easy Nutrition Plan for Teenagers
20. Teaching Nutrition
21. Testing and Assessing
22. Working the Core Everyday
23. Quality Over Quantity
24. Macro Cycle Phases for 12 Months
25. Lifts During Strength Phase
26. Stabilization Multi-Joints, and Balance
27. Lifts During Explosive Phase
28. Video of Explosive Dead Lift
29. Plan for Plyometrics
30. Plateau Busters Make It Fun
31. Video of Fun Competition
32. How to Get Quicker.
33. How to Get Faster
34. How To Get In Shape
35. Summer Workouts
36. Total Team Thursdays
37. Lifting During August
38. In Season Lifting
39. How to Support Multi Sport Athletes
40. Extrinsic vs Intrinsic
41. Every Kid Can Be A SuperStar
42. Testimonial from 22-year College Weight Train Coach
43. How To Get Kids To Show Up
44. Use Social Media to Create A Buzz

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Course 10: Strength and Conditioning

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