Coach: Eric Marty

Counter Schemes


Every offense develops tendencies

…which is why every offense needs a counter play to offset those tendencies.

MOTIONS create TWO formations on the SAME play

The TIGHT END DRIVEN MULTIPLE GUN OFFENSE is an up-tempo, no-huddle offense that puts stress on defense PRE-SNAP

Having a gazillion formations...
Changing them right before the snap with motion
Coach Marty will walk you through the logistics of calling and communicating motions

Additionally he will show you why this creates STRESS POINTS for the defense and makes the run game better.

Shift the Tight End. Motion the SNIFFER...multiple personnel groupings to maximize your efficiency in all phase of your offense.

When you watch the MULTIPLE GUN OFFENSE on game day, you will see a team that runs more offense (different formations, motions, plays, and concepts) that most college teams at any level, and is ultra efficient and effective doing it.

He will teach you the foundational principles to his TIGHT END DRIVEN MULTIPLE GUN OFFENSE so that you can implement at whatever level you are at!

1 Power Wrap Introduction
2 Run Game Logistics
3 Offensive Line Calls on the Field
4 Wrist Band Play Calls
5 Power Wrap vs Even Front
6 Blocking Scheme vs Over Front
7 Power Wrap vs Under Front
8 Power Wrap Adjustments to Odd Front
9 TE Rules Power Wrap
10 RB Footwork Power Wrap
11 GAME FILM Power Wrap Left vs Odd Front
12 GAME FILM Power Wrap Right vs Even Front
13 GAME FILM: Power Wrap VS Bear Front
14 GAME FILM Power Wrap with Sprint Out Look
15 GAME FILM: Mistake made on Power Wrap

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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