Course 3: Counter & Power Run Game in No Huddle Spread Offense


Coach: Jason Mcmanus


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    When you read that I bet you thought of a dozen pass concepts. A QB in the pocket slinging it down the field. The band playing.

    WRONG !!!

    McManus MACATTACK offense has won 4-straight state championships in highest classification in South Carolina BY RUNNING THE BALL !!!

    Yup. Read the stats below. 711 points and 6,500 yards…….3,700 rushing and only 3,000 passing.

    They RAN for 700 more yards than they passed for!

    And Coach McManus has developed the First Team All-State QB for four years in a row, winning Gatorade National Player of the Year once.

    Would you run the ball with an All-State Quarterback? Well…..have you won 4 consecutive state titles?

    –> Counter with 1 running back, 2 running backs, and with the QB

    –> Counter out of 2×2, out of trips, with a Tight End, with two Tight Ends.

    –> QB Counter is a read. Sometimes he hands it off, sometimes he keeps it, and when they really want to piss you off, they throw it.


    –> No Tight End, a D-LInemen at the 2nd Tight End, 3 tackles in the game

    The MacAttack is a Defensive Coordinators nightmare.

    ….and oh by the way….the QB is going to run the ball.

    Try sleeping Thur night knowing you have to defend all that.