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Coach: Scott Dieterich

Call Plays & Game Planning – Scott Dieterich


Clinic Triple Option Clinic
Coach Scott Dieterich

Triple Option Summit – Get Plays In Game Plan, Play Call

Triple Option Summit - Get Plays In Game Plan, Play Call

1. Introduction
2. High School Friendly Flex
3. The Dont's and Play Calling and Challenges
4. Play Calling Motto
5. The Big 3 Game Planning
6. Sample Scouting Report
7. The Big 3 Game Preparation Game Ready
8. The Big 3 Game Adjusting
9. What are Play System and How We Use Them
10. Examples of the 7 Play Call Systems
11. Game Film: Combo Play Systems (OB)
12. Game Film: Look System Check to Triple Option
13. Game Film: Scheme System Check to Mid Triple
14. Game Film: Check Alert to Mid Triple
15. Game Film: Triple Options Play Choice
16. Game Film: Mid - Double and Flip it to Opposite Side
17. Game Film: Check to Counter ISO
18. Game Film: 2 - Play Package Triple and Mid - Triple
19. Game Film: Triple Option Numbers Check (End - Over)
20. Game Film: Alarm - 4 Verts Using Freeze 1 - High Safety
21. Game Film: Check - Alert Triple Scheme for 6 - 1 Look
22. Game Film: Alarm Pop - Pass Pro - Indicator on Freeze
23. Game Film: Check Alert Mid - Double Influence Scheme
24. Game Film:Check Alarm Quick Screen or Midline Checking using Freeze Cadence
25. Game Film: Alarm Pop - Pass RPO Indicator on Freeze
26. Game Film: Freeze - Look to Change the Original Play Call
27. Game Film: Tempo and Starters Plays
28. Game Film: TE Over
29. Game Film: Tackle over Toss as a Tempo Play
30. Game Film: FB Toss to the Bunch
31. Game Film: Game Film: Toss Out of Empty
32. Game Film: FB Toss with Influence Pulls

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