Coach: Brian Vaughn

C-Gap Run Defense with Simulated Pressures


Facing a 3-4 Defense?

Attack the C-Gap!  Run Off Tackle behind the Tight End.

Reach Blocks?
Cutoff block on backside
And college coach Vaughn shows you the technique to use when the TE is bigger & stronger than your OLB

OLB inside shade on Tight End
Why on earth would you put him inside the TE??
arc release or reach block
down block or cutoff block
Base blocks your OLB

OLB jams the TE from outside shade
Vaugn backs all this up with over 30 minutes of game film

1. 3-4 Spacing
2.Point Defense
3. Directions
4. Point LB Alignment & Technique - 2 Man Surface
5. TE Surface - Heavy
6. TE Surface Heavy - Arc Release
7. TE Surface Heavy - Down or Veer Release
8. TE Surface Heavy - Base Block
9. TE Surface Heavy - Reach Block
10. TE Surface Heavy - Cutoff
11. TE Surface - Crunch
12. TE Surface Crunch - Arc Release
13. TE Surface Crunch - Down or Veer Release
14. TE Surface Crunch - Base Block
15. TE Surface Crunch - Reach Block
16.TE Surface Crunch - Cutoff
17. TE Surface - Crash
18. Why Heavy, Crunch, or Crash
19. South or East Trio
20. Game Film - East Trio
21. Game Film - East Trio (Continuation)
22. West or North Stuff
23. West or North Stuff (Continuation)
24. North U Stuff
25. West Stuff
26. Formation into the boundary
27.Game Film - Heavy Technique
28. Game Film - Layers of Defense affect the offense
29. Game Film - London Call
30. More Game Films

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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