Coach: Scott Abell

Building Base Triple Run Game from Shotgun - Scott Abell


Clinic Triple Option Clinic
Coach Scott Abell

This course teaches you Inside Veer and Outside Veer from Shotgun

Went from High School to D-3 to D-1 college coach

Led Country in Rushing 5 out of past 10 seasons

Top 3 in Rushing 9 out of 10 seasons

This course teaches you Inside Veer and Outside Veer from Shotgun


No Huddle
Fast Pace
Flops Linemen and uses a Tight End


QB has better angle from the Gun
Huge Advantages for O-Line
Holds Backside LB's Longer
Timing is Better
Easier for QB to Identify Numbers & Read Defenses
Helps in Recruiting

1. How Gun Triple Changed Everything
2. Advantages of gun triple
3. Formations are cheap
4. Inside Triple vs Wide Triple
5. Position Rules - Read Keys
6. Position Rules - Playside tackle
7. Position Rules - Playside Guard
8. Position Rules - Center
9. Position Rules - Backside Guard and Backside Tackle
10. Position Rules - Tight end
11. Q&A - What are your OL rules for your splits
12. More Position Rules
13. Position Rules - O Back
14. Position Rules - Quarterback
15. Diagram - Triple
16. Diagram - Triple vs an odd front
17. Q&A - Would you consider reaching the gap's playside as scooping
18. Diagram - Various Formations
19. Game Film - vs an even front
20. Game Film - vs an odd front
21. Game Film - vs an odd front (part 2)
22. Game Film - Traditional inside give
23. Game Film - Quarterback Keep
24. Game Film - Pitch Phase
25. Q&A - Are you using a cadence for motion
26. Q&A - Do you want the QB to attack downhill on the pitch
27. Q&A - Would you pitch to the slot down field
28. Game Film - Split Zone Triple
29. Diagram - Wide Triple

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