Gun RPO Wing T - Building a Program

Coach: Scott Meadows

Build A Program


Building a Program

1. Introduction to Building a Program
2. Full Evaluation of a Program Before you Start
3. Stick to the Plan
4. Attitude & Perception
5. Players
6. Hold Everyone Accountable
7. Hire Great Coaches
8. Hire Great Coaches (pt 2)
9. Be Organized
10. Have a Great Booster Club
11. Managing Staff and Coaching Responsibilities
12. Football Program Philosophy
13. Offensive Philosophy
14. The Philosophy of the Total Program Comes First
15. General Responsibilities for Coaches
16. Expectations of Coaches
17. Coaches Meeting in Spring
18. Coaches Meeting in Summer
19. Weekend Coaches Meeting
20. Managing Players, Discipline and Expectations
21. Football Program Disciplinary Guidelines
22. Captains
23. Football Program Disciplinary Guidelines
24. Tardies and Absences
25. Playing Time
26. Conclusion

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