Coach: Drake McCauley

Buck Sweep Under Center and Shotgun


South Carolina Powerhouse TL Hanna (home of Radio) is home to Offensive Line coach Drake McCauley. He talks about their transition from under center to Shotgun

1. Who is Coach Drake McCauley
2. Pros & Cons to Running Traditional UC Buck
3. Blocking Rules for Buck
4. Game Film - Buck away from TE side
5. Game Film - Buck two Tight Ends
6. Game Film - Buck vs 5-2
7. Game Film - Buck in State Championship
8. Game Film - vs 4-3 Defense
9. Game Film - Two WR no Tight End
10. Pros & Cons - Running Buck in the Gun
11. Gun Buck Rules
12. Game Film - Gun TE Trips
13. Game Film - Buck opposite Jet Motion
14. Game Film - Sub Tight End at the Wing
15. Rules For Steal Call
16. Practice Planning To Run Both UC & Gun Buck
17. Adjustment vs Double A Gaps
18. Keys for QB to fake on Waggle

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