Coach: Eric Marty

Boot Leg Pass & Protections


Coach: Eric Marty

Boot is boot is boot!

Over an hour long !!!

Learn the one rule you must stress when teaching this play Whether you are a Wing-T Offense, a spread offense or something in between. There is no better early down pass play Might be the best play action play in all of football Coach Marty will walk you through multiple bootleg concepts The KEY is how they marry their TE responsibilities to the passing concept... this ensures that your QB can get through their progression. effective play call to keep defenses guessing and create big plays in the passing game. Coach Marty will also take a deep dive into the protection scheme the Tigers pair with their Boot concepts coach into your quarterback to ensure maximum efficiency in your boot packages. You won’t want to miss this.
1 Bootleg Introduction
2 WHITE BOARD Bootleg Protection Rules
3 GAME FILM: Boot Right Protection
4 GAME FILM Having the TE block
5 GAME FILM Max Protection on Vertical Concept
6 WHITE BOARD: Bootleg & Play Action Introduction
7 WHITE BOARD: Boot Rules
8 GAME FILM Boot Classic
9 WHITE BOARD Boot Right Go-Flat-Drag-Post
10 GAME FILM 2X2 with TE Boot Concept
11 WHITE BOARD Boot Comeback
12 GAME FILM Boot Comeback with 3 TE
13 WHITE BOARD Boot Stutter GO
14 GAME FILM Stutter & Go
15 GAME FILM Stutter GO different formation
16 WHITE BOARD Boot Bubble
17 WHITE BOARD: Boot H-Back Across
18 GAME FILM H Across
19 WHITE BOARD H-Protect
21 GAME FILM H Slice with 3 TE
22 GAME FILM 7-man Protect
23 GAME FILM H Slice to 2-WR Side
24 WHITE BOARD Smash Concept
25 GAME FILM Smash

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