Coach: Kenny Simpson

Course 5: Blitzing in the 34 Defense


Do You Love to Blitz?

Defense Wins Championships….Offense Sells Tickets

Do You Love to Blitz?

Defense Wins Championships....Offense Sells Tickets

Head Coach Kenny Simpson believes that.

And while his GUN-T offense is setting scoring records, DEFENSE has been the foundation to a turnaoround that includes four-consecutive winning seasons & two conference titles.

The 2017 4A Conference Coach-of-the-Year is ready to teach you his FIT & SWARM 34 Defense.

One guy FITS while the rest of the team SWARMS to the ball carrier.


Create big Plays by putting kids in the right position

Line up against any formation in the base coverage
If the Offense comes out in something you didn't least line up correctly without any blown coverage
This is a SYSTEM...adjust to any formation, adjust to any route because it is built into the system

1. Introduction
2. Who is Coach Simpson
3. Theory on Defense
4. What we want on Defense
5. Hiding Guys in Coverage
6. Routes we want to stop
7. What We Want When We Blitz
8. Why & When to blitz
9 .Must Haves When Blitzing
10. More Must Haves When Blitzing
11. Before you Blitz
12. Teaching how to blitz
13. Blitz Drill
14. Blitzing without Calling it
15. Game Film of non-called Blitzes
16. One Word Tags
17. Packaging your Blitzes
18. One Person Blitz
19. Blitz Twist
20. Caveman Blitz
21. Defensive Line Stunt Technique

Course Gallery

Sample Video 1

Sample Video 2


Course 5: Blitzing in the 34 Defense

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