Coach: Alex Rotsko

Attacking the Defense with Unbalanced Formations - Alex Rotsko


1. Introduction
2. Wing T Unbalanced Attack
3. Multiple Formations
3b. Play Calling & Scripting
3c. Follow Your Rule
3d. Motions & Shifts
4. Types of Motion
5. Shifts
6. Over Formations (SE to TE side)
7. Tackle Over (East West)
8. Trips Trips On (2 SEs) Strong Unbalanced
9. Over East West
10. Game Film Unbalanced SE Over
11. Game Film Trade Left Brown Over
12. Game Film Brown Over ST
13. Game Film Brown Over
14. Game Film Slot East
15. Game Film Left Brown Over
16. Game Film Trade Brown Jet
17. Game Film Slot Left West ST
18. Game Film Left Gold Over Gold Over
19. Game Film Trips Left On
20. Game Film Trade Left Gold Jet
21. Game Film Trips On
22. Game Film Trade Gold
23. Install Trades & Shifts Same Time as Install the Play
24. Install Out of Base Formations First
25. Only Team Install in Off Season

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