1. Introduction
1b. Q&A What is your typical roster size
1c. Q&A Are you able to play mini kids just one way
2. Attacking Odd _ Even Fronts
3. Build Your Offense With Series
4. Series Building
5. Pitch Series
6. Fundamentals _ Skills Building Play
7. Odd or Even
8. Edge Contain
9. Line Backers, Defenders, and DB_s
10. Check Actions of Individual
11. Ideas to Attack
12. Even Front Plays
13. Even Over Shade
14. Even Under Shade
15. Odd Bear Front
15b. Q&A What would you do against a bear even front
16. Odd Okie Front
17. Odd Okie Bear
17b. Q&A 5 3 Defense Gives You The Most Trouble
18. Stack 9 Tech
19. Stack 8 Tech
20. Stack Shade Under
21. Is it harder to block D line men
22. Q&A Would you prefer head up D lin men or shaded D line men

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