Course 3: Attack Defense Using Motions in Shotgun WingT


Outflank, Confuse and, Distract

Motions can help you put your players in a better position to make a play or block.

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    Motion can put the defense at a positional disadvantage.
    Motion can make secondary and linebackers take their eyes off the backfield and guards and find who is moving
    Motion makes defenses stop and think. They have to count and re-adjust their position to match the offense, moments before the ball is snapped.
    Motions slow down defenses and make LBs ignore their coached keys.

    The Smoke and MIrrors RPO Wing-T use motions to attack defenses and outflank their best players.

    Learn how simple motions and 5-10 minutes of practice time can make your offense look much more complicated than it actually is.