Course 21: Advanced RPOs including Practice Drills


Coach: Jason Mcmanus


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    Coach McManus talks about adjustments to the RPO in the Mac Attack Air Raid Offense for 2020.

    This was Coach’s first year at a brand new school, so his new videos takes you thru the process of installing RPOs for the very first time.

    The first chapter covers basic 1st and 2nd level RPO’s with the QB leaving the pocket.

    We start with plays where the H-back blocks to seal the corner, and then move to some plays where the H-back goes out on a route to give the QB a different option.

    The second chapter covers 2nd-level RPO’s while keeping the QB in the pocket, including some designed QB runs.

    The third chapter covers 3rd-level RPO’s, with the QB reading the safeties. Included are some plays designed to puncih an opponent who overcommits to stopping earlier plays in this package.

    There is 15 minutes of practice video showing the drills that Coach Mac uses to teach his players RPOs. This was coach’s first year at Spartanburg HS in SC, so you are literally watching him install RPOs to players who had never ran the MacAttack Offense before !!!