Coach: Tyler Phares

Adding Buck Lateral to your offense


1. Introduction
2. What Makes Us Different
3. Base Play Out of the Buck Lateral
4. BB Footwork and Base Play for 30 Trap
5. Huddle Playbook: Swing 30
6. Game Film: Swing 30
7. Game Film: Giving Out a Delay Step
8. Blending the Series With Game Film: 30 Fake
9. Game Film: 34 or Belly Play
10. Game Film: 34 or Belly Play with Right and Left End Influence
11. Game Film: Tailback Buck Series
12. Game Film: Off a Pitch
13. Trojan with Game Film
14. Change with Game Film
15. Game Film: 38 Change Trojan and Buck Series
16. Game Film: Off the Buck Series
17. Passing Game Out of the Buck Series with Game Film
18. Q & A: How much Percentage of Buck Series do you run vs other SW Series?
19. Game Film: Different Concepts of Buck Series
20. Game Film: 30 Fake Pass
21. Game Film: 30 Fake Pass
22. Game Film: Buck Lateral Passing Game
23. Q & A: Can you do a 3 Man Surface?
24. 36 Trap with Game Film
25. Game Film: Against a Typical 1 High Team
26. Q & A: Any Counters or Reverses?
27. Q & A: Snap to the Block and Back
28. Conclusion

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