Coach: Bruce Eien

8 Man Single Wing


Bruce Eien - 8 Man Single Wing

1. Introduction
2. What's in this Course
3. Twins Wing
4. Shifts
5. Shifts Flops and Motions
6. Defensive Fronts and Play Calling
7. Fat Plays
8. Sweep and Wedge
9. Wedge
10. Wedge and Buck
11. Wing Plays
12. Jet Trap and Jet Sweep
13. Pass Plays
14. Pass Offense
15. Different Games Played
16. Q & A: How many 8 Teams?
17. Q & A: Having Multiple Options
18. Game Film: To the TE the Corner Route
19. Game Film: Offensive Highlights
20. Game Film: How the Jet Sweep can go for Big?
21. Conclusion
22. Game Film: Tackle Eligible Play

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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