Coach: Casey Sutera

4-3 Defensive Philosophy


Clinic: Utah Clinic
Coach: Casey Sutera

Defense wins championships. We’ve all heard that mantra. But, if you can’t operate out of the 4-3 formation, it doesn’t really mean much.

Like most things in life, having success with something starts at its roots, which is what Coach Casey Sutera wants to share here. Being a former Division I defensive end, he's picked up on a few things, including his motto behind his 4-3 philosophy, "Effort, Attitude, Toughness."

In this course, he takes you through the root of the 4-3 base alignment and WHY it's so useful!

1. Intro
2. Charger Defense
3. Evolution of Football
4. Put Speed on the Field
5. Positions
6. Plan to Win
7. Pursuit Drill
8. Interception Pursuit Drill
9. Tackling Circuit
10. TakeAway Belt
11. Win Third Down

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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