Coach: Bryan Cummings

3rd PHASE Game Changing Punt Return Course


Coach: Bryan Cummings

Do you enjoy Game Films? This course is for you!

PUNT RETURN SHOULD BE TOUCHDOWNS LEARN FROM A COLLEGE COACH Punt Return does not have to be complex, it is just being great at 1 on 1 battles 2-HOUR COURSE 58 minutes of Game Film Over an Hour of Drills.  

2. Philosophy
5. Get Off Drill
7. Take Ball Off Foot Drill
8. Seven Step Drill
9. Different Types of Blocks
10. Dip & Drive Drills
11. Towel Drop Dril
12. Three Man Block Dril
13. 3 on 2 Shield Dril
14. Inside Outside Releases
15. Slingshot Technique
16. VICE
17. Finish Phase
18. Adjust Bad Positioning
19. Grab Wrap from Trail
20. Grab in Sit & Fit Position
21. Everyday Trail Drill
22. Put it All Together
23. Great Examples
24. Compete Drill
25. Practice 3on3
26. Practice 3on3 Compete
27. Practice 4v4
28. Receiving the Football
29. Call Overview
30 GAME FILM: Alignments and Assignments
31 GAME FILM: Stem on the Snapper
32 GAME FILM: Change Scheme Every Week w/o Changing Assignments
33 GAME FILM: How to Exploit the Protections
34 GAME FILM: How to Know Which Rusher is Not Being Blocked
35 GAME FILM: Rules vs Pooch Kicks
36 GAME FILM: How To Disrupt The Punter Without Blocking the Kick
37 GAME FILM: How to Block versus Pro Style Schemes
38 GAME FILM: How to Block versus Pro Style Schemes: STRESS BY ALIGNMENT
39 GAME FILM: How to Get 3 Rushers on 2 Blockers
40 GAME FILM: Dictate their Protections and How They Will Block You
41 GAME FILM: Another way to Dictate How They Will Block You
42 GAME FILM Problems With Leaving Your Defense on the Field

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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