Coach: Matt McFadden

12-Month Culture Plan


No Philosophical BS in this course

3-Time State Champion McFadden takes you through every activity he does, EVERY MONTH He shows videos & pictures of every activity "This is the BEST course/video I have EVER seen regarding building culture."    --- Rick Stewart

1. Who Is Matt McFadden
2. Team Values
3. The Relationship Pyramid
4. Off Season Team Building June & July
5. Video of Summer Team Building
6. Service Learning to Work
7. Senior Night Shirts & Letters
8. Senior Retreat Learning to Lead
9. Pride Night Multi-Sport Athletes
10. Football Moms 101 - August Camp
11. Morning with Moms - Game Day Breakfast
12. BBQ & Barnyard Dance
13. Senior Talk August Fall Camp
14. In Season Man Up Talks
15. Man Up Topics
16. Servant Leaders
17. Sweep the Shreds Book Legacy
18. Unified SPED Class
19. Helmet Decals
20. Team Building Educational Trips
21. Games & Competitions
22. Scout Bowl
23. Autograph Sessions
24. Gold Council Selecting Leaders
25. Stud of the Week
26. Off Season Competition Draft
27. Video of Competitions
28. Visit Elementary Schools
29. Steal Just One Idea
30. Where Do You Start with Culture Building
31. Just Do It Don't Be Afraid
32. Contact Coach McFadden

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