Zone Option

Zone Option one of the hottest plays in the Flexbone offense, changing the Flexbone offense and changing how defenses defended.

Zone Option has evolved to be a core concept of the Flexbone Triple Option at the college level and is trickling down to the high school level.

The Problem
As with any innovation or shift in philosophy, Zone Option represents a solution to a problem.

The problem was how defenses were scheming against the triple option.

  • Stunting to the field from an odd front, morphing the front to an Under look.
  • Denying the perimeter by slow playing the pitch phase.
  • Stunting and slow playing shrunk the field and turned the game into a knife fight in a phone booth.

The Solution was to attack blood stunt and read the trap corner.


  • The offensive line applies their base scoop rules to the backside and zone block through their playside gap on the frontside.
  • For the Offensive Line, the blocking is EXACTLY the same as Zone Dive.
  • A-Back uses same path as Belly/Down.
  • The only new teaching is for the flexed WR and B-Back.
  • One of the most crucial aspects is always having a B gap protector.
  • Coach Boyd explains that you could B-gap protect with your tackle, but if you choose to zone block then B-gap protector falls on a playside guard or your B back depending on the front.
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