Quick Pass Game with Boot Option – Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

9 WAYS TO RUN ONE SIMPLE CONCEPT Tag 1-WR side with route (first read), then QB boots to 3-WR side which is shallow cross or flood concept

2-time state champion Coach Smith shows how Fade/Post/Comeback look identical

Simple backside rules based on 2×2 or Trips formations

TAGS include max protection, Dig-Wheel, Post-Wheel. Wristbands or Signal? You will be suprised at the simple answer from a coach with 6 Semi-Final appearances

20 minutes of Game Film (Hitch, Speed Out, Whip, Out & Up, Comeback, Post, Fade)

Every Coach Looks for X’s & O’s…that’s EASY.

HOW DO YOU TEACH IT ??? Coach Smith goes thru his drills.

–> Drops (No Step Left, No Step Right, Rhythm 3-step)

–> Toss Drill

–> 4 Ball Drill

–> QB Rotate so every QB throws a ball on every play. WR on BOTH sides get reps.

–> Live 80 Group Drill

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Course Includes

  • 11 Lessons

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