Course 3: Pre Snap Operations

Don't Go Fast Just Because You Want to Go Fast

There are some things you should think about...

2-time JUCO coach-of-the-year Eric Marty takes you through 45 minutes of things you need to think about…

  • Hand Signal vs Verbal vs Wristbands
  • Personnel Groups – how to get them on & off the field fast.
  • Different Tempos
  • Sugar Huddle
  • Why Shift & Motion

Let’s be perfectly clear.  Eric Marty & the MULTIPLE GUN SYSTEM wants to go fast.  Really fast.

But you have to be smart about it.  Efficient.  There are obstacles that you need to consider.

The BEST thing about this course is identifying the little things you might be doing that tips off a defense. 

His system will show you how  to maximize your efficiency in all phases of your offense. 

When you watch the Tigers play on game day, you will see a team that runs more offense (different formations, motions, plays, and concepts) than most college teams at any level, and is ultra efficient and effective doing it.  

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Course Includes

  • 22 Lessons

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