Play Action Pass & Home Run Balls

Play Action & Homerun Balls

Play Action & Homerun Balls

Winning football games comes down to scoring. When using a ball-controlled approach offensive coaches MUST take advantages of defenses looking to pack the box and cheat their alignments to stop your ground game. 

Coach Herron explains how he uses this Delaware based Wing-T approach to do just that in this video

Coach Herron discusses his concepts for why running effective Play Action football is vital to his success in high school footbal:

Takes Advantage of Duel Responsible Players

Takes Advantage of Undisciplined Players

Takes Advantage to “Junk” defensive concepts

Takes Advantage of Teams not used to stopping the Wing-T and run-heavy sets

Coach Herron breaks down his Play Action Game by Series and in Detail:

Waggle Play Action Game

Belly Play Action Game

Counter Play Action Game

Naked Play Action Game

For each series Coach Herron will diagram the play, discuss the KEY details involved in making each play successul, and then shows gamefilm of the play (3 different camera angles).

From there, Coach Herron will outline how to add key “wrinkles” that will take advantage to whatever defensive alignment and pressure you might see on Friday Nights to ensure you will always be able to run it and find success. 

This is an awesome talk that will allow you to build your current playaction game into a letal weapon next season!

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