O-Line Technique & Drill Manual

This Manual has a lifetime guarantee.  Any updates that Stewart makes will be included here, so you will get ALL future editions & updates.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a downloadable product.  The printed, bound book can be shipped to you if you order on www.allaccesscoaching.com

This 225-page manual is a systematic way to teach offensive linemen in any man blocking offensive scheme.  The linear teaching progression, as well as the practice organization, can be used in any type of offense.   It is very important that any multiple offense has a very efficient practice organization and drill progressions. 

–> SIX chapters on pass protections

–> Down Block, Scoop Block, Reach Block, Kick Outs, Double Teams, Escape to Backer

–> Guard Trap, Weakside Iso, Counter, Midline, Veer, Off-Tackle Power, Jet, Boot Pass….these are good football plays in ANY offense.

–>  A chapter on strength & conditioning specific for linement

–> THREE chapters on Practice Organization.

While this book is based on the wing-T offense, with its misdirection,  power,  counter,  option,  play-action,  and dropback capabilities within the system, this book shows how to take advantage of the UNDERSIZED linemen at the high school level.  Iso schemes, power schemes, the ability to zone block, mobility to pull and log or trap, and the ability to be an effective pass blocker, are among the skills that a lineman in the wing-T offense must develop.

This book will give you a clearly defined system of drills and progressions used in teaching line play. While the system of teaching wing-T offensive line techniques is very structured and systematic for the wing-T offense, I believe that the drills, skills, and coaching points taught are effective in ANY offensive scheme. The blocking techniques include sound principles of offensive line play, regardless of scheme, and can be used with the I, option, zone, or any other offensive philosophy.


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