Midline Triple Option

Learn Midline-Triple Option the Harding Way

Harding head coach Kenny Wheaton is considered the inventor of the midline at the high school level.

Find out why the MID-TRIPLE is the bread & butter of any option attack It is adaptable to Wing T, and can easily ran out of Pistol, Shotgun

the MID-TRIPLE is a double option that in its simplest form reads the B-gap defender. But Chism will show you several ways to execute the play.

Coach Kevin Chism will …..show you how to run it successfully and why

  • Do you run Midline at the OPEN A-GAP?

This forces the B-gap defender tackle the dive, opening up a bigger running lane for the QB when he pulls/disengages from the B back.

  • Do you run it at the OPEN B-GAP?

Some coaches run midline at the 1-tech or open B gap to create advantages in blocking scheme.

Either way, Chism will show you the nuts and bolts to make MID-TRIPLE more efficient for your option offense.

  • Backfield Mesh & Important Coaching Points for the FB
  • Four Reads the QB will see…including how to attack a slow-playing pitch defender

Coach Chism will show you how to look at numbers so you always run it the direction where you have more blockers.

  • Run it at an ODD Front
  • Run it at 1-tech,
  • headup 2-tech,
  • and 3-tech
  • 3 ways to run Mid Triple vs. a 4-3 Defense
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Course Includes

  • 28 Lessons

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