Little Things that Make a Big Difference – Jenks HS Oklohoma



— How do you increase tempo?

— Coach Riggs shows you hwo to mirror game situations in practice

— Every coach talks about getting max reps, but very few actually achieve it

— How do you coach on the run? How do you increase INdividual time?

— CHALLENGE PLAYERS: Turnovers, Loafs, Down & Distance

— Productive Conditioning and Perfect Play Drill

— How do you integrate ADVERSITY into practice? Bad Calls? Emergency Field Goal?


— Do you give position tests? How do you know if your players are ready for Friday night?

— How do you teach your players to watch film? Players do not know how to study film

— Learn what a 13-time state champion REVIEW SHEET BY POSITION looks like.

== Set Individual Goals

— Measure What Matters

— How do you grade your players? Jenks believes that this is very important

— PRIORITIES. Football is #4 on the list


–> Themes of the week

–> Celebrate Success. Make your 2nd stringers feel important. Don’t just recognize star players

–> How to involve the youth

–> PHILOSOPHY: Defensive / Offensve / Special Team the Jenks Way

–> How do you include community and parents

–> Everyone says keep it simple (K.I.S.S.)……but very few coaches actually do it.

–> How do you get committment from: Admin, Boosters, Parents, Community

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Course Includes

  • 23 Lessons

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