Defensive Line Run Drills – Nevada Reno

Do you learn by seeing,  not by hearing? This is the video for you!

Want to learn D-Line fundamentals from the Nevada-Reno Wolf Pack?  Seven year college coach with NFL experience

Need more DRILLS to run with your Defensive Line?

–>Assistant Coach Landweir explains the Defensive line extremely well, by showing you good and bad examples, and lots of game/practice film, and not a whole lot of boring clinic talk. 

       Want to teach your players how to have fast hands? How to properly throw their hips? To Release and make the Tackle? and see film of the drills from the Wolf Pack Practice? Landweir offers all of this and more! 

       All this while still giving information of Schemes, Background, and Influences that the Wolf Pack have in their program.. 

             Coach Landweir is an excellent speaker from which you will learn from without a doubt. 

if you are a coach who is ready to learn, GET THIS COURSE.  Nothing but practice and game video.

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Course Includes

  • 15 Lessons

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