Course 9: QB Run Schemes

A 56-minute course...

A 56-minute course…

When the QB runs the ball, you have 10 blockers instead of 9

The extra blocker at a point of attack gives you a +1 advantage

Do the math….+1 plays are undefeated.

Since every play is ALREADY in your offense, there is no extra practice time, especially if you have a SYSTEM of terminology

All Marty does is have 4 TAG words for the RB…so he can turn ANY play in the offense into a QB run play

  1. Kickout
  2. LineBacker
  3. Safety
  4. Fan or arc block

He doesn’t like to run his QB often, but when the Tigers do, they are deadly efficient because of the formations, motions, and presentations they use when running their QB.

  • 3rd down
    red zone
    short yardage
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Course Includes

  • 30 Lessons

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